OLA Issues Update to 2022 Emergency Ambulance Services Report

In January 2023, the Office of the Legislative Auditor (OLA) released an update to the 2022 Emergency Ambulance Services Report. The update summarizes some of the most significant problems previously identified in the 2022 report, changes that the EMSRB has implemented, and recommendations that require legislative action – including changes to service area boundaries.

We applaud the EMSRB for the changes that they have implemented, recognizing that their ability to affect significant change and reform is limited by its existing structure, oversight, and legal authority.

The January 2023 update is a potent reminder of the importance of this work, specifically working with our state elected officials to implement critical legislative changes.

Many of our recommendations require legislative action. The Legislature should update EMSRB’s statutes, require the agency to create a statewide plan, and address the agency’s limited oversight authority. The Legislature should enable local governments to have input on service area boundaries and should restructure how the boundaries are created, modified, and overseen. The Legislature should experiment with pilot programs to address ambulance services’ staffing and revenue challenges. The Legislature should also consider structural changes to EMSRB’s board.

Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor. Emergency Ambulance Services; Update to the 2022 Evaluation Report. Jan. 2022.

To download a copy of the update, click here or the image below.